Monday, March 4, 2013

Choosing the Appropriate Graph

As mentioned in my last post, we wrapped up our Data Analysis and Graphing unit with a project to show off what the students learned.  I put the students into groups of four for this project.  Also, as a change up from previous projects we have done together, I put my "high" kids all together in one group and gave them a more open project where they made more independent decisions.  Then, I mixed up the rest of the kids into groups.  This forced some of my other students to really step up and be leaders! They learned they don't always have to rely on the "smarties" of the group!  We will have to try that more often!

Each problem provided the students with a situation and data.  It was their job to figure out the most appropriate way to display the data in a graph, explain why they chose the graph they did, create the graph including a title and labels, and create analysis questions to go along with the graph.  Here are some pictures of the final products!  I think they did a great job :)

Here is a link to the PDF file of the project:

I happened to overhear my students talking about their data when one asked, "What is oldies? Like, music from the 90s?"  Sigh.....

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